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"The minute I walked in the audition room, he just hugged me, like straight away – He doeas that – He does, doesn’t he? It just kind of takes any defenses and guards down. He’s so open, and so energic, and enthusiastic, and it’s kind of infectious. You feed off that as well. He made the whole process very easy and enjoyable for me."

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No, friend, let me explain you a thing.


No, friend, let me explain you a thing.

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My Favorite Men in Three Types of Hats 

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Happy Anniversary River/Doctor!

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“I’ve got a friend. You

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Matt Smith & David Tennant

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doctor who meme → four brotops [1/4]

↳ Rory x Eleven

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It’s the oldest story in the universe…

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I look at you every single day and don’t understand a thing about you.

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